Espie family/bump shoot

Firstly thanks to Oliver for making this shoot so much FUN!

We spent the first 10minutes cowering from the rain but then, in true Scottish fashion, the sun came out from behind the big black clouds and gave us some great light for some lovely pictures!

Looking forward to meeting the new addition to the family soon...

Wendy Espie-2.JPG
Wendy Espie-3.JPG
Wendy Espie-1.JPG
Wendy Espie-9.JPG
Wendy Espie-8.JPG
Wendy Espie-7.JPG
Wendy Espie-6.JPG
Wendy Espie-5.JPG
Wendy Espie-12.JPG
Wendy Espie-17.JPG
Wendy Espie-13.JPG
Wendy Espie-14.JPG
Wendy Espie-15.JPG
Wendy Espie-16.JPG
Wendy Espie-10.JPG
Wendy Espie-11.JPG
Wendy Espie-18.JPG
Wendy Espie-19.JPG

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