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Sonia and Shaun's wedding at Bogbain Farm

I look forward to all my weddings but there are some that has a little extra something about them and this was certainly one of those ones! Was it the fact that the groom camped the night before at the farm? That the bride and groom camped in a glamping style teepee for their wedding night? Was it the homebrew ale and stout that Shaun had provided? Maybe it was the multicoloured bridesmaids dressed and awesome flower crown! Or maybe it was the fact that Sonia is an old friend and I knew this wedding was going to be bloody brilliant!

Bogbain Farm is just outside Inverness and was a fantastic location with the ceremony overlooking Inverness itself. Weather was OK - bit wet in the morning but brightened up and allowed lots of wandering through the fields later on at night!

Very proud of these, absolutely love them (just a sample obviously for now) and hope you do to!

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